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Confections an Affections: Designing Valentine’s Day Sweets

The root of Valentine’s link to sweets, the hidden history of those heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and the demise of a nostalgic candy ...

Combining Public Policy and Design through STEAM: RISD + Maharam Fellowship

From robot development to paddle board design to illustrating community biolab protocols, check out how three 2016 Maharam Fellows  ...

The Brilliance Behind Creating Useless Things

Meet Simone Giertz: The "Queen of Shitty Robots" ...

From Pneumatic Inflatables to Designing for Healthcare: Better World by Design 2016

This past weekend over 700 people gathered in Providence, Rhode Island for the ninth iteration of Better World by Design ...

Why Design Matters in the Context of Government and Law

Exploring how presenters at the 2016 Better World by Design Conference are involving themselves in American politics ...

Harry's Brings Timeless German Engineered Razors to Your Doorstep

What makes a good razor design great? It's in the manufacturing ...

Using Open Innovation to Reimagine the End of Life

Dana Cho of IDEO will explore the usage of online platforms to co-create solutions for difficult topics at the 2016 Core77 Conference ...

4 Tips from Everlane on How to Master The Side Hustle

Olivia Fleming and Lisa Przystup uncover the struggles and triumphs of being a "slashy" ...

Sage Project is Changing the Way We Learn About Food

Through a partnership with Whole Foods, this student project has turned pro ...

Can Design Offer Solutions for the Refugee Crisis?

A roundtable discussion at the 2016 Core77 Conference will examine design's place in offering solutions  ...

A Participatory Public Art App to Enhance Commuter Safety

How one app might save you from an accident ...

Suiting Up for Rio's Wastewater

Is textile innovation enough to prevent Olympic rowers from sickness and infection? ...

How Limited Resources Can Inspire Product Innovation

Winners of the third bi-annual Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge invent ways to stimulate the circular economy ...

Finally, the Dieter Rams Documentary We've Been Waiting For

Gary Hustwit's latest feature is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter ...

Questlove and Tom Sachs: In Conversation

What do a hip hop legend and contemporary visual artist have in common? More than you might think ...

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