Speculative Objects

Examples of prop, graphic and narrative-based design, each object is embedded with a story individual to an archetypal character. When combined, the objects inform viewers of a larger narrative. Within this proposed narrative, these souveneirs are burried in the near and discovered in the distant future. Each contribution provides specific information for the viewers in the distant future about their nation’s past societal values, major events, subsequent responses and of how their lands evolved from our presents to their pasts.

A symbol of achievement in a particular area and indicators of a society’s values instilled in children beginning from youth, patches were attached to scout uniforms according to organization regulation prior to its 2030 disbandment

Kept as precious reminders of locations and stories, snow globes were collected as memorabilia for centuries. According to anthropologists, this snow globe depicts a figure atop of what appears to be one of the Scrap Mountains, suggesting that it was bought between 2030-2040, during which time the area was opened for public enjoyment.

With texts from various time periods that all examine notions of nationalism, community and capitalism, historians believe the contents of this newspaper serves as the now-defunct publication’s commentary on repeating patterns of American history. With issue and volume dates that correspond to the day following the 2016 Presidential Election, anthropologists believe this was New Media’s response both to the Election outcome and to historic criticisms of the press from members of all political parties.

Made to mimic the paper slips customers were once given as proof of purchase, receipt keychains became a common novelty c. 2025. 

A common promotional item used by restaurants and kept as souveneirs by consumers, the matchbox made a resurgence c. 2020. This particular matchbox depicts a pig before and after butchering, leading historians to believe the box was owned between 2020-2026, as meat consumption died out and was eventually outlawed after the Farm Plight of 2026.

Paper passes were once a popular method of granting consumers access to public transportation. The issue date on this card aligns with the 2035 grand opening of Detroit, Michigan’s renewed streetcar and rail system, urban transportation methods once popular in urban areas.

What anthropologists believe to be a symbol of loyal lost, the flag appears to have been mutilated. Evidence suggests that the flag was carried during the 2040 Protests.

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