Wellness Data Collection Program: “Room for Improvement”

Under the guidance of MIT’s Malcolm Rio and IDEO’s Rafael Smith, during a two-day workshop I designed data-driven solutions improving RISD’s approach to student wellness and satisfaction.
The proposed Research and Mediation Department would bridge the gap between student experience and the RISD administration through an initiative, Room for Improvement.

Card Swipe Experience Reporting + Interface

Students must swipe their ID cards to gain access to RISD facilities. Each swipe is an opportunity to conduct demograhic trend collection, potentially providing grounds for mediation. 

Insights may correlate student wellness and satisfaction to major, facilities, season, time of day, or enrollment year. Students can access the interface to track their progress throughout their time at RISD.

Feedback Hubs + Interfaces

Small spaces throughout RISD’s campus will be retrofitted to become private structures housing interfaces that allow students to address concerns in real time. The interface offers counsel, fields for feedback, and targeted surveys.


Incentives will initially motivate student participation. Upon providing feedback to the Research and Mediation Department, students who opt to link feedback to their accounts gain points that accumulate to greater rewards, allocated based on existing excess campus resources.

Designed in collaboration with Elaine Lopez (MFA GD) and Ellen Christensen (MFA GD).
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