Room for Improvement

Based on a representative sampling of student experience collected during a two-day workshop, I collaborated with Elaine Lopez (MFA GD) and Ellen Christensen (MFA GD), under the guidance of MIT’s Malcolm Rio and IDEO’s Rafael Smith, to design data-driven solutions improving RISD’s approach to student wellness and satisfaction. 

After brainstorming, presenting ideas to sampling students, and iterating, we proposed a Research and Mediation Department to bridge the gap between student experience and the RISD administration through an initiative, Room for Improvement. 

Winter 2018

Room for Improvement

+ User Research
+ Design Strategy
+ Graphic Design
+ Environment Design

Created during a two day workshop lead by IDEO,  Room for Improvement is a proposal for a RISD Research and Mediation department that uses multiple modes of collection to gather student feedback, facilitate communication and address concerns in real time.
Created with Elaine Lopez and Ellen Christensen.

Winter 2018








Feedback Pop-Up

Small spaces throughout the RISD campus would be retrofitted to become Room for Improvement feedback hubs. Here, students interact with an interface that addresses concerns in real time while collecting data. To encourage participation, the program would offer rewards and incentives.

Feedback Pop-Up Interface Mock-Up

Inside of the pop-up privacy booths, students would interact with an interface that offers counsel in a time of distress, fields for feedback and targeted surveys for data collection. 

Reward Graphics Mock-Up

Upon providing feedback and aiding the RISD Research and Mediation Department in data collection, students who opt to link their responses to their accounts would gain points that could ammount to greater rewards. 

Card Entry Experience Collection Mock-Up

To gain access to many facilities around the RISD campus, students must swipe their IDs. The RISD Research and Mediation Department would see this action as an opportunity to gain insight of how student wellness and satisfaction may correlate to major, facilities, season, time of day or enrollment year as grounds for mediation. 

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