Initial product sketches, mockup, and user feedback

Ideal Digital Device

While the one version of the reader is a low cost, analog option, a digital version offers some advantages.

The “digital” design uses a lens and built-in digital sensor on the back of the device to capture the external or environmental text and translate it to enlarged text on the front digital display screen.

Works-like illustrations

Similar to the “analog” version, the “digital” device also converts captured text to audio, with the option to project the audio through a speaker. Unlike the “analog” device, the “digital” version offers the option for the user to “read to self” via bluetooth.
Low-Cost Analog Device

The low cost “analog” option relies on a set of magnifying lenses to enlarge text. 

An opening on the side of the device allows the magnifying lenses to be swapped for varied strengths.

Works-like illustrations

Like the “digital” option, the “analog” device contains digital sensors to “read“ the text. As the built-in back sensor processes the text, it converts the print to audio, which is projected via built-in speaker or through the headphone jack. 

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