+ Installation Design
+ User Engagement 

A one week project with the initial intention of applying the aesthetic of construction sites to a home setting through an atmospheric installation as a way to juxtapose the permanent and temporary through the 5 E’s of user engagment. The final product was a party held in a reproduced home setting composed of furniture and accents made from construction materials.

Winter 2018


5 E’s of User Engagement

How do you want participants to encounter your installation? What makes them want to see your installation?

How do the participants join the experience? Is there an entryway/threshold? 

How do the participants interact with your installation? With each other? Are there instructions?

How do people know when the experience is over? How do they exit? How do they know when they’ve “left your world for theirs”?

How do participants continue to participate? How do people remember the installation? How could others learn about it?

- E-vite sent to all attendees

- Signage
- Greeting by host
- Simulated entry area
- Smell of Coffee

- Multiple unstructured activities
- Construction themed food and beverages
- Contractor editorials as reading material
- Games
- Apparel  

- Games won
- Refreshments finished
- Social norm of recognizing how to not overstay a welcome

- All party-goers were welcome to take leftovers home
- Game winners were given themed prizes

© 2018 Molly Millette
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© 2018 Molly Millette